17 Mar 2016

More fun than shares

A better investment than shares and much more fun.......
Jerry Seinfeld's cars/Porsches went for millions-US$22m - at auction on Amelia Island USA last weekend. And they were only a small part of his collection although there were some plum cars in the sale lot. The lowest price-if the word low is applicable-was achieved by his very original VW Campervan at a modest US$99,000. Yes that's right 99 clicks for a VW Camper.See CAMPER

My 2.2 Porsche 911 -above- is the best "investment" I ever made and it's a helluva lot more fun than shares. It got a new set of tyres last week as the previous ones had gone hard through age but were far from worn out.It hurts to junk barely worn tyres but I felt that the car was all over the place on the greasy road on the recent club drive and a check of the tyres confirmed that they were "off".  Apparently modern tyres age quicker than before.
It's a bit galling to find that the new set are 7 months old already but I could hardly insist that the retailer only gets fresh ones particularly as he had to order them in from Michelin. I guess it's a slow boat from China.

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