20 Mar 2016

A farce

 After I got home from a great day at the Barry Sheene Festival of Speed yesterday I turned on the TV to see what was happening in the qualifying session for the grand prix in Melbourne. What a farce. Just when I thought F1 could not get any worse they introduce a new qualifying format for 2016 designed to emasculate qualifying and remove any excitement. If I had paid money to see that I would have been demanding my money back. Media comment this morning is scathing and Christian Horner,Red Bull team boss,is reported as saying that F1 should apologise to the fans. He's right on the money there.
It really is as if the F1 governing body sit down and say well we've made the racing as boring as possible what else can we do and then they agree that qualifying is still worth watching so they agree on a format to screw that up as well.
Anyway by way of light relief I saw this limited edition Lewis Hamilton helmet on sale at Sydney Motor Sport Park yesterday. I believe that there is also a limited edition Sebastien Vettel helmet and it is only slightly smaller.

Footnote-since writing the above this morning I have just read that the F1 teams have decided to ask the governing body to revert to the previous qualifying format for the next GP.A good decision but cold comfort to the punters who paid to watch it in Melbourne.Whilst they were having an attack of common sense they should have ditched a few other of their silly rules at the same time.

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