26 Feb 2016

A little piece of paradise

The photo of the camels on the beach in the previous post has been so well received with quite a few emails commenting on the scenery and the photo that I have been prompted to post two more photos from my recent trip north up the coast of New South Wales. This time both were taken on the ground.

Firstly-above,Little Bay,in the Arakoon National Park near North West Rocks.
It looks like an exotic cove in some remote destination in a travel magazine but this little slice of paradise is not so far off the beaten track. It really is a special place particularly as behind me as I took the photo in the middle of the day were dozens of kangaroos and wallabies snoozing in the shade of trees in a clearing.

The second photo -below-was taken from Crescent Head looking south and shows another spectacular beach heading off into the distance.Beyond the first headland there is another beach stretching kilometres to another headland and so on south. The beach is totally empty apart from three SUVs driving south. One is just visible as a black dot in the middle distance.
The SUV drivers would be camping and fishing on the beach.The beach is unpatrolled and whilst it is very good surfing the sea can be very treacherous for swimmers with strong rips and currents.

Both Leica X1 photos.

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