16 Jan 2016

Vale Clarence Bordreau

Clarence Bordreau was a talented musician,violin repairer and amateur photographer who lived near Sidney,on beautiful Vancouver Island,Canada.
I never met or spoke to Clarence but he found me via this blog and we corresponded by email frequently about Leicas and photography. His photos and commentary have appeared on The Rolling Road quite a few times.
Yesterday I emailed him. The email bounced. I tried to log onto his business website-Victoria Violin Repairs-and received an error message. Fearing the worst I Googled his name and sadly the funeral notice came up in the searches. Clarence had died aged just 63. I  found out from the funeral notice that a great photo he had sent me a couple of years ago which I had put on the blog which he had titled"a Good Listener" -above-was in fact a clever self portrait.
So very sad that we won't be corresponding anymore and such a pity we never met.
Some of Clarence's photos which have appeared on the blog of his beautiful local area and home.

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