3 Jan 2016

Early morning-worlds apart

Two takes on early morning-worlds apart.Top early morning on Terrigal Beach a few days ago.Early morning swimmers showering off.Dog walkers and joggers on the esplanade and the first customers in the Surf Club Cafe getting their caffein fix.
Bottom-early morning in Wellington-such an English name unusual for it to have endured- near Coonoor,Tamil Nadi,India.Taken in November 2015. Rickshaw and taxi drivers having a chat at a roadside stall on a damp morning. Waiting for their tea to brew-their fix.A world away from Terrigal.

Back in 1982 an American photographer,Rick Smolan, published a book "A Day in the Life of Australia". It was a big success and lead to a series of A Day in the Life of books from countries across the world and Rick Smolan building a very succesful US publishing company-Against All Odds Publications.
These two photos reminded me about the A Day in the Life of... books the big feature of which was that a large team of photographers all took their photos right across the country on the same day.So it really was one day frozen in time.
I met Smolan in 1992 when he was looking for sponsors for his book "Alice to Ocean" the story of Robyn Davidson's solo camel trek from Alice Springs to the Pacific Ocean.This book was seen as very innovative at the time as it came with a CD ( Mac format only) of photos featured in the book.I used to have copies of both A Day in the Life of Australia and Alice to Ocean but somewhere along the rolling road they have been put out to pasture.Perhaps a declutter too many there.I see that I can buy a used copy of A Day in the Life of Australia for a couple of dollars from Amazon US.A pity about the postage.I'm sure I can find a copy easily anyway in a local used bookstore.

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