4 Jan 2016


Two photos taken on my Sony a7 using a vintage 200mm Minolta lens which I bought off a Japanese seller on eBay for $12.
I was the only bidder.The postage cost $18.I used an $11 adapter to fit the lens onto the Sony-also purchased off eBay.
These vintage Minolta lenses were very well made and are worth seeking out for this sort of use.
Worry warts tell stories of Chinese cheap adapters having swarf on them and being machined off centre.I have quite a few cheap adapters and have never had any issues with them and definitely no swarf.Sounds like a story put about by retailers of expensive brand name adapters which are probably machined in the same Chinese factory anyway.
Firstly a parrot which was perching on the pool fence a couple of weeks ago.It sat there long enough for me to go upstairs,attach a long lens to a camera,come down,slide open the flyscreen door,manually focus the lens and take the one photo.The kookaburra,photographed two days ago,did exactly the same thing.It just waited long enough for the one shot.Very considerate.
There are dozens of parrots and kookaburras locally.Kookaburras are a member of the kingfisher family and they have a demonic and very distinctive call which sounds just like a laugh.They have incredible eyesight.They sit on a high vantage point waiting for a lizard to show itself and then dive down down and take it before the lizard has time to think.

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