20 Nov 2015

The Biker

Another photo from Chromefest 2015.A lady festooned with a great big top of the range Canon DSLR with a long zoom lens and flash unit obliged by asking Chenzi if she could take his photo.Whilst she was fiddling with the controls of her digital monster -too many choices-I snuck in with my little X1 and took the shot.Thanks lady Canon shooter and thanks Chenzi.I am pretty pleased with it.In fact so pleased that I am thinking about seeing if I can get some more biker shots at the local Harley dealer when their Harley Owners Group assembles for a ride.The irony of course is that I had six years when taking biker shots like this would have been so easy.
The photo was a DNG file converted to monochrome in Silver EFX.I am not a big fan of monochrome but it makes this photo.The colour version looks ho hum.

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