8 Nov 2015

Rush hour

I'm off to India soon. I'm really looking forward to it. It will be my second visit to India. I love Asia.The people,the colour,the smell ,the buzz,the food and particularly the early morning light. I am lucky to have first experienced Asia years ago. My first visit to Asia was to Singapore in 1974. A very different place to the sophisticated city-state of today. Soon after I was in Hong Kong.That really was so different to today I just wish that I had taken more photos on those early travels.
I vividly remember being on a Qantas flight from Sydney to London in the early 1980s.In those days some flights made three stops on the long flight-today they make just one-and we landed in Bombay (now Mumbai) and before the plane had pulled upto the terminal I could smell India through the aircon system.It was exotic and distinctive.You knew before you alighted from the plane that you had arrived in somewhere very different.
Photo above rush hour in Siem Reap, Cambodia a few years ago.Taken on my early morning walk with my travelling camera at the time,a Canon G7.
Get out early and take your camera.The early riser catches the light.

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