3 Nov 2015

Dog day afternoon

I had to go to the local post office early this afternoon.It has been pouring with rain here in Terrigal all day so I drove down and parked near this minibus. All the humans around were in Melbourne Cup parties and this dog had been left to mind the minibus. Photo opportunity. But no camera. Now I am fond of looking with disdain at people who keep taking out their phones and photographing everything from their morning coffee to sunrises but there was no alternative so I pulled out my iPhone 4s and took a few photos. And I am very surprised and impressed by the quality of the files. However before I get overexcited I need to remind myself that I did some massaging of the photo in Lightroom to get what you see above.
I don't think that this is the first phone photo on the blog but it is the first one taken by me. Perhaps I should forget the blog,sell all my cameras and just do Instagram with my phone.

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