3 Nov 2015

A change of pace

Time for a break from hot rods and dressing up.A more tranquil scene-Wallace Lake in the Myall Lakes National Park,NSW in October 2015.Even in the height of summer these places are not really crowded but on an early spring day it is very quiet.We don't really have a distinct spring season-winter gradually transitions into the beginnings of summer.The days just start getting warmer and longer and then after a few more weeks shopping centres start putting up Christmas decorations and santa claus and his reindeers which looks really odd when it is blistering hot outside.I saw the first Christmas decorations in the second week of October this year.
Wallace Lake is renowned for its oysters.They are plump and well just delicious.And if you don't like oysters you really don't know what you are missing.
 Sony a7 photo.

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