4 Oct 2015

Where to now for Formula 1?

The Japanese Grand Prix last weekend was by all accounts another dreary procession dominated by Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton.I did not watch it - I stopped watching Formula 1 sometime ago.
Things are pretty dire for Formula 1 with two of the engine suppliers-Renault and Honda way off the pace.Any hopes that VW was going to step into the breach by purchasing the Red Bull team and replacing the Renault engines with VW power have been dashed by the emission's test cheating scandal. Even if VW had entered there were no guarantees that their engines would not perform like Honda and Renault.
The atmosphere at both the Red Bull and McLaren teams currently must be the other side of dark.Ron Dennis,the McLaren supremo,is not a man known for his levity and sociability even in the good times. Currently his demeanor must be similar to Vladimir Putin's.
With the races processional,some big players languishing at the back of the field, Ron Dennis in a permanently filthy mood and the worlwide TV audience being seduced by the excitement of competition lawn bowls it's time for Formula 1 to reach for the brave pills and to try something different and I believe this is it-- Formula 1 Revived
This surely fixes all of Formula one's ills at a stroke. Processional? No way. Exciting? Any more exciting and the spectators would go into cardiac arrest. And if this course is considered too slow just lengthen the straights and if it's still too slow bank the corners. Pit to car communications spoiling the racing? No time for that here. Aerodynamics? - redundant. And think of all the money the teams will save not having to employ those Imperial College PhD aerodynamicists designing tiny changes to winglets to reduce lap times by 0.001 sec.
Pit stops - for tyre changes - probably gone too but possibly replaced by pit stops for driver underwear changes.The pit crews would still need all that protective gear for these.
Now these guys in the US race for three hours -this may well be too much for the prima donnas of F1 who need to be back in their motorhomes putting their diamond earstuds back in before lying on the masseur's table with their Beat headphones on after 2 hours so let's go with 2 hour races initially. Of course with Renault engines in a few of the cars we should be able to count on a dense cloud of white smoke livening up proceedings after an hour or so.
Run it and the crowds will come.Over to you Bernie.

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