12 Oct 2015

Rennsport overload

Rennsport Reunion has just been held at Laguna Seca in California.If you are a Porsche fan you will know all about Rennsport.If you are not by way of explanation it is a massive gathering of racing and other Porsches held every 4 years on either the east or west coast of the US. It is the premier event for Porsche enthusiasts worldwide.
As always a large contingent went from Australia -a few to race and most to spectate and soak up the atmosphere.
I did not go.Two trips to the US already this year combined with the sad state of the A$ against the US$ meant that I stayed at home.
There is no shortage of photos of the event all over the many Porsche sites on the web and the Instagram servers must be groaning from Porsche photo overload. Pelican Parts ,a major Porsche parts seller in the US, has posted 2500 Rennsport photos on their site.Gulp. A little editing would have gone down well there. Even the most dedicated Porsche fan must be suffering from Rennsport Reunion photograph overload by now .
Anyway friend Justin went and he has shared some of his Rennsport photos with me. Fortunately they are less numerous and I have picked just a few for a less Porsche view of the Reunion. Even the dog seems to be saying-"not another damn Porsche,please".
One photos - the first one -is a standout shot for me. Beautiful light and a delightful setting and atmosphere. Definitely the best Rennsport photo I have seen.Thanks Justin.

Justin uses a Canon G12 for his photos.The Canon G cameras are great little cameras.When I was looking for a high spec travel camera in 2006 I bought  a Canon G7 which served me well and I bought a G9 a few years later.Canon are upto the G16 now and there are also GX models with bigger sensors which by all accounts are very good indeed.

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