14 Oct 2015

Over the hills and far away

Did a 292 km roundtrip fast drive today on combination of great but rough minor roads,main roads and motorway in convoy with Craig in his 2.4S 911.
I took my 1977 2.7 because the very slight miss which had been cured some weeks ago has returned.I suspect another fouled plug. Even after today's hard driving it has not totally cleared. Accessing the plugs is not easy so another trip to the Porsche whisperer will have to be on the schedule. I am a little concerned that there maybe some undiagnosed issue causing the plug fouling but the car is not smoking or showing any other adverse symptoms so maybe it is just a coincidence that it has happened twice recently.
When Craig and I did a backroads drive a few weeks ago I took my 1971 2.2 and I was able to stay with him despite my car being down on power compared to his. However I really struggled to stay with him today on the many winding sections. The 2.7 is heavier than the 2.2 (aircon,impact bumpers,galvanised body,sound system etc) and the CIS fuel injection does not have the immediate throttle response of the Webers. Pulling out of corners the 2.2 just gains revs immediately like an electric motor. The 2.7 is not as responsive. The brakes on the 2.2 are also sharper whereas on the 2.7 you feel that they are stopping a heavier car. On the plus side the fuel economy on the 2.7 is so much better than the 2.2.With on and off the throttle driving the 2.2 gulps fuel.
We stopped for lunch at Enzos  in the Hunter Valley where this photo was taken.The cars were cooling down in the shade.

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