6 Oct 2015

Out of Africa

Aussie Scott Ferrier,Porsche enthusiast now based in Dearborn in the US, whose photos have featured on the blog a few times did not go to the Rennsport Reunion last month. Instead he went to Kenya and Tanzania with a new Nikon 7100 DSLR and a 55-300mm lens. He has come back with some excellent photos a small selection of which are below.
I particularly like the soft less saturated look. So many photos from Africa are oversaturated but Scott seems to have hit on settings which are soft.

The Nikon 7100 is a middle of the road DSLR with a good spec at a reasonable price.If you follow the photography blogs it is easy to slip into the mindset that DSLRs are so "yesterday" and that Nikon and Canon are turning out antiques when the market wants trendy mirrorless cameras with electronic viewfinders. It's easy to overlook the fact that today's DSLRs are state of the art and represent superb value for money.
As Scott's photos show a photographer with a good well tuned eye with a good DSLR with a reasonably long lens can turn out superb images in Africa. I particularly like the last shot of the lion with the blood soaked paws. I would like to think that his most recent meal had been a certain American dentist and hunter but sadly I know that is not so. Thanks anyway Scott.

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