29 Oct 2015

More Chromefest

More photos from Chromefest 2015.
See bottom photos.How about the patina on those trucks? Not so long ago any qualifying rusty barn or paddock find would have been restored to a better than new condition. Now it's all about the patina. Craig-bottom two photos-explained that his truck had spent 60 years in a paddock way out in the outback and in the very dry air the rust had developed as a beautiful patina across the whole body.The truck cab had been dropped onto a more modern chassis and running gear and hey presto a running and very usable patinated truck.
Now there are preservation classes at the world's most prestigous concours at Pebble Beach,USA, and all those owners who over the years have spent millions totally overrestoring old wrecks are crying into their beer.The days of overrestoration are over now it is "sympathetic light restoration" or "leave it as found".

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