20 Oct 2015


I recently I came across this photo taken three years ago of dusk falling over Manhattan.Taken with the Leica X1 from the roof of a hotel on Broadway.

New York City must rank second only to Paris in terms of the most photographed city in the world and as a tourist it is difficult to avoid taking the cliche shots. Elevated views of Manhattan are invairably taken from tourist helicopters,the observation decks of the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Centre and more recently the Hi-Line Walkway.This shot is from a more unusual viewpoint. From up here the roofs look cluttered and in many cases the water tanks look about to fall apart but also there are a few interesting gardens and roof terraces.

This is a photo I totally overlooked at the time when I returned from the overseas trip. The first time I really looked at it properly was last week. It makes a good case for not being too hasty when junking photos from a trip.

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