8 Oct 2015

Cars and bikes

It was the monthly drive down to catch up with Porsche groupees and other car and bike enthusiasts at the Pie in the Sky Cowan yesterday. Not many attendees -it must have been the inclement weather after the 5 day heatwave. But some interesting stuff anyway. The Yamaha bike is an 1984 XJ750 -the world's first series production bike with fuel injection. It also has a digital instrument pack another first at the time. Only 2200 were ever made and only for the Japanese market. Bit of an odd looking bike with its Battlestar Galactica styling but rarer than rocking horse droppings.

The weird colour car beside me in the mirror shot is actually a Porsche Boxster.Hard to believe but someone actually ordered the car in that colour.
For the photos I was playing with a Minolta f1.7 50mm lens on the Sony a7 as a change from the Leica toys. The Minolta lens I picked up on eBay for A$50. It is in VGC and is pretty sharp and gives great colour. It's manual focus but it's easy to use - particularly wide open as most of these shots were.

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