26 Sep 2015

Surfer girl

Another run of wet and windy weather here in the last few days.The leaden skies and rough,cold seas did not deter the surfers at Avoca Beach yesterday.
I went out mid afternoon with a camera before cabin fever set in.I took the Sony a7 fitted with the 150mm Zeiss Sonnar from my Hasselblad using an adapter.
The Zeiss lens on the full frame Sony is the equivalent of a 225mm lens.
The photo is a big crop from the full frame and yet you can see the surfer's earring and a ring on her finger when magnified.
I tried this combination last year for surf photos and the results were disappointing but I managed to get the hang of it at the Bathurst 12 Hour race back in January -see BATHURST 12 HOURS .
For this shot I put the camera on continuous shooting mode and fired away as the surfer went through the focus zone.Bit like shooting ducks with a shotgun-one of the pellets hit the mark.Just the one.

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