15 Sep 2015

Old times/new times

Not a vintage photo.Not a film photo.Taken from the roof of the pits at Sydney Motorsport Park at the Shannons Classic Festival last month. Digital photo "aged" in Silver EFX.
The older I get the more I appreciate vintage American cars. Not enough to actually want to own one but I am certainly beginning to understand why some people are so keen on them.
Last week I saw a handsome but very corroded 2 door American coupe which I could not identify-probably from the 1950s-on the back of a flat bed truck.It looked as if it had come from the docks.Probably someone's restoration project.I hope that they paid for it before the Aussie dollar plunged against the US dollar.Suddenly buying from the US has become very expensive. Oh for the days not so long ago when the A$ was above parity with the US$. I should have spent more whilst on my US trips in those days.

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