28 Sep 2015

Bloodhound-is it a car or is it a plane?

The Bloodhound Project-creating a vehicle to take the Land Speed Record supersonic and to go over 1000mph (1600 kmh).
In the past LSR contenders have in the main been created by men with a personal obsession.That was certainly true of Donald Campbell who by all accounts was not someone many people could warm to.That approach would not work today.Today a LSR project could easily be seen as self indulgent and not PC.The Bloodhound Project has taken a different and inclusive approach.You can read about it at BLOODHOUND
The Bloodhound vehicle has just been shown to the public for the first time.Mike Evans,author of the MACFILOS blog,accepted what he thought was an exclusive invitation to the unveiling in London over the weekend.As it happened it was not so exclusive but despite the crowds he came away with some good photos taken with the new "wunderkamera"-the Leica Q which he somehow managed to get his hands on before a very long waiting list formed.

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