31 Aug 2015

Two routes on motor sport photography

Two routes to great motor sport photos.Firstly Peter de Rousset-Hall's approach. Peter has top of the range gear,an ability to get into the best position to catch the action and excellent timing. A typical photo by Peter is below-a strong sense of action,razor sharp and very tightly framed.
Peter's approach needs access to the right places and you need all that heavy and very expensive gear - and you need to know how to use it.

The second approach is to have a well tuned eye and a well developed personal and consistent photographic style which spots the little vignettes of motor sport. Now I have been trying to do this for the past few years but a local pro photographer,Matt Hart,really has suceeded in doing so consistently.
See Matt's automotive photography at The Escape Road. He also has an Instagram account of the same name.
For me Matt's work ticks all the boxes--he has a great eye,he has a consistent style and a strong personal point of view and,of course,interesting subject matter.Most importantly this approach does not need the special access and the special gear.

As well as turning out interesting photos Matt knows how to put a car around a race circuit. He used to sprint an early 911 and he was quick in it. In the photo below Matt is on the right with his green 911 with me and my silver 911 in the centre and Rob Arnett on the left at a Porsche Club sprint meeting at Eastern Creek Raceway Sydney a few years ago. Matt was off and over the horizon on the track that day.Only a heavy downpour saved Rob's and my pride.
Recently Matt has built a 1966 Series One 66 Plymouth Barracuda with 480hp 273 motor to compete with.It will be at the Muscle Car Masters at SMSP this coming weekend.

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