17 Aug 2015

Shannons Classic 2015

Warren and I drove down to Sydney Motorsport Park yesterday in my 2.2 for the Shannons Classic Car Club day.This is a big event and it seems to get bigger each year.The extraordinary range of clubs and cars on display is what makes it such a good event.There are cars there that people love and cherish which leave me shaking my head in disbelief but each to their own.
In past years the local Porsche Club has been well represented with a good turnout but sadly this year the organisation of the club's entry for the event was chaotic.Fortunately I had anticipated this and signed on to join the well organised turnout from the 356 Register- thank you David.
For me there were three standout cars at the event-well four because there were two examples of one of them.The absolute standout has to be Graham Lawrence's Hispano Suiza aero engined Delage.The car is huge in every way.Each cylinder of the 18.5 litre V8 engine has the capacity of a Toyota Corolla engine.The noise as Graham drove it out of the paddock was superb.How he manages to drive it in Sydney traffic is a mystery to me.Brave man.
After the Delage the other standouts were the two Alfa Romeo Giullietta Sprint Speciales and the extraordinary SHRDLU 6.Photos of this car and the Alfa in the next post.
I should also mention the 1935 Willys 77 -second photo below.The 77 was Willy's cheap car response to the weak market conditions of the depression years and the example shown was assembled in Australia by Holden coachbuilders who were then an independent company.The car was a "barn" find and has a wondeful patina.
I've tried to take photos which show the atmosphere of the event and the characters there rather than vanilla photos of the cars and motorcycles.
All photos taken with the Leica X Vario.

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