10 Aug 2015

Hey, good looking

There are a lot of good looking cars around nowadays and great styling is no longer confined to the top end of the market.The Mazda 6 saloon is to my eyes a really great looking car and there are many others including some very stylish compacts and SUVs.
But of all the current big crop of good lookers the latest Mercedes Benz C Class takes the prize for me. It is a continuation of the long established C Class look but the detailing is superb.It looks as if it has been forged from a solid billet of steel. And apparently the beauty is not skin deep-it drives very well too. No wonder it is selling so well.
I photographed this one on the street in Terrigal very early morning last week. I saw a white example on the same street in daylight the next day.Silver certainly brings out the best of the shape.It does not look nearly as good in white-the subtle lines of the panels do not show in the same way. It's another case of catching the light-see previous story.

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