5 Jul 2015

The gum wall-totally revolting.

This post is revolting.If you visit Seattle all the tourist guides tell you that one of the top tourist sights is Pike Place Market.That is nonsense.It is a tatty,tourist trap.Not a real market.A few theatrical fish stalls selling overpriced salmon,a few florists selling flowers which do not last probably due to the way they have been stored-we know we bought some-and lots of tourist tat shops and overpriced and frantically busy restaurants.And then of course there is the original Starbucks shop-I'll come back to that another day-and then there is the gum wall.
The gum wall is located in Post Alley which comes up to the market from the south.It is actually two walls on both sides of the alley where thousands of people have deposited their chewed chewing and bubblegum.Can you think of anything more revolting?
I came across the gum walls by chance as I was walking up the alley from the waterfront.I could not believe my eyes.And there were tourists-all young- depositing their gum on the wall.Totally vile.I could not get out of there fast enough-after a few photos for the blog that is.It turned my stomach typing this and as for those two girls with the selfie stick touching the wall words fail me.....I am sure that the blog followers from Singapore where gum is illegal are probably retching by now.Enough....

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