7 Jul 2015

Sweet on the street

In maybe 30 years time,perhaps even sooner,most of the internal combustion engine powered cars will be gone.Electric cars will rule the roost.Perhaps they will all be Google driverless cars forever suggesting shops we should visit and places where we can eat as they drive us along and automatically telling Google Circles where we are travelling so that all our "friends" can "share" our drive.Banish the thought.

What a sad place the world will be.No more engines to tune,to tinker with,to maintain,to repair,to listen to,to discuss,to curse and of course to love.All gone.Replaced by soulless electric motors,electronic control units and battery packs.Let's love those IC engines whilst we can.

Two sweet sights on the street.Opposite ends of the automotive spectrum.Top-a quite beautiful Alfa convertible parked casually on a street corner outside a cafe in Paris a few weeks ago.What a beautiful car and so suitable for cruising around Paris-the right companion would just set it off.....magnifique.
Bottom -an old Volvo wagon on a street in Portland Oregon a few weeks ago.The owner has had it resprayed in a very attractive gunmetal colour,lowered the ride height,fitted bigger wheels and tyres and blacked out the chrome.Complete with bike carrier it is a very cool wagon which costs a lot less and carries a lot more than a contemporary SUV.A silk purse from a sow's ear although that's a little unfair as these old Volvos have a lot going for them -they were just underappreciated by non Volvo owners in their day.I am told these Volvo wagon revivals are becoming very fashionable in Europe.Every dog has its day...
Alfa photo by David Young.Volvo photo by the Rolling Road

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