12 Jul 2015

Piston broke

Warren's Porsche 911 Targa pictured above has been his daily driver since he bought it 6 years ago.
He has really racked up the kilometres in the intervening years and it has generally been very reliable.But all good things come to an end and a few weeks ago a piston-pictured- threw in the towel.So the car is off the road with the engine and gearbox in for a total rebuild at the hands of Simon at Autowerks,Charmhaven.
Warren is taking the opportunity to totally refresh the car and has the body at home where he is cutting out the rust on the doors and repainting them,refurbishing the interior-the seats are at a retrimmers and the genuine BBS wheels are being polished at a wheel specialist.
He is adding his personal touches along the way.He hopes to have it back on the road by late October.It certainly is full speed ahead with every weekend full on with the project and the engine/gearbox work is in hand at Autowerks so this is not going to be one of those "I'll finish it soon" projects we all know about.
One unknown variable will be how quickly Warren recovers from the operation to remove one his kidneys which he is selling in India to pay for the project.
I'll post regular updates on the project and Warren's recovery.

Warren,artisan,at work

The culprit-amazing that the engine still ran

Active tinworm

Simon examines the crankcase at Autowerks

Tin worm killer
Serious polishing

WIP but a great improvement already

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