4 Jul 2015

On classic car prices and Le Mans

The recent post see Classic Porsche prices on escalating early Porsche prices drew a few emails.
One reader reminded me that some extremely valuable Porsches and Ferraris -we are talking cars valued in millions and even tens of millions of dollars-are still being risked on the race track so all is not yet lost.Agreed.Here's two photos of very valuable cars - a Porsche 917 and a Ferrari 275GT being campaigned hard at the Le Mans Classic 2014.
Photos taken at Tertre Rouge at the start of the Mulsanne Straight.
A very recent story on the Macfilos blog see Macfilos-Le Mans  lamented the difficulties of taking action photos at this year's Le Mans 24 hours due to the catch fencing.
As these two photos show you can avoid most of the bad effect of the catch fencing if you go to the right place.At Tertre Rouge there is a big spectator embankment on the inside of the corner and from the top you are looking down on the cars and the catch fencing is in the lower part of the photo.Also by panning at a lower shutter speed you can blur out the wire and posts as well.The Porsche at full tilt was taken at 1/100th second and the Ferrari at 1/60th.Both these photos were taken with a 28-70mm zoom lens and cropped.I could have done a lot better if I had a much longer lens with me.

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