6 May 2015


Blog photo contributor Peter took this photo from the Tate Modern in London looking across the Thames to the City of London last week.It was taken on a Canon fullframe with Canon's new wonder lens the 11mm-24mm which has received rave reviews.The lens is seriously expensive-nearly Leica expensive-and Peter had a clearout of old Canon lenses to trade in against it.The price does seem justified as it goes really wide with superb sharpness.The distortion is not for everyone but it is much better than the effect from a fish eye lens which gives that weird circular look.I was surprised to see that fish eye lenses are still being offered by most lens manufacturers as you very rarely see photos taken with them nowadays.I had a fish eye lens long ago but usually cropped the photos to make them look less fishy.
Here are a couple of fish eye shots from my archives and finally a shot taken from the Bathurst 12 hours this year taken with another superb Canon wide angle lens at 20mm.

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