14 May 2015

Up the coast

I have just spent a couple of days up on the mid N Coast of NSW visiting friends.The first,Peter,lives in the oddly named but beautiful Tea Gardens.
Peter is a F1 follower and in support of the previous story told me that he watched the Spanish Grand Prix at 10,00 pm last Sunday night but fell asleep after a couple of laps. He woke up later to find the leaders circulating in exactly the positions he had last seen.He surmised that he had fallen asleep for a lap or two. He was very surprised to quickly discover that the race only had two laps to run. He had been asleep for 90 odd minutes and not missed a thing.
From Peter's I drove north about 100kms upto another friend who lives in an equally beautiful but isolated settlement called Bluey's Beach. Blueys is set in the Myall Lakes National Park and is surrounded by national parks and lakes and spectacular scenery but it really is isolated. There is virtually no mobile phone reception-just a very weak signal from one network,Telstra.The permanent population is very small and it is a ghost village of holiday homes outside the holiday periods.
The first two photos were taken at sunset on the nearby Wallis Lake. On the eastern seaboard of Australia there are few opportunities to see the sunset over water but the Myall Lakes area is one of them. I try not to do these cliché shots but I could not resist these two.
 Now the bottom photo is pretty ordinary except that you can clearly see the outline of Australia's favourite bird,a kookaburra,sitting in the tree. It was waiting to see if I was going to open a bag of chips or cookies so it could make a raid. It was disappointed.
The kookaburra is a member of the kingfisher family and is a fat friendly looking bird with a total unique call- a cackling laugh. Sounds like a fun bird? Well not at 4.30 am as happens around my home when whole groups of them start their maniacal laughing.
The last photo was taken yesterday afternoon and shows Bluey's Beach.There are literally hundreds of kilometres of similar surfing beaches along the coast of NSW.

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