1 May 2015

Still crazy after all these years..

Q.How old does a grand old cat have to be before she stops doing silly things like climbing into an open kitchen drawer and falling asleep there? A -at least 14.

Meanwhile junior-by a few months -was quietly dozing in a sensible place after reading the latest Motor Sport from cover to cover

And talking of crazy things this week's silliest local story comes from yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald -Tech section-which reported that two Qantas passengers were annoyed that their new Apple watches did not fit into the Qantas scanner when they were attempting to scan their electronic boarding passes which were displaying on their watches. Poor dears.How did they get through the day? I presume that they had to exert themselves and take out their iPhones-iPhone 6s of course-and scan them.Such an effort. So thoughtless and backward of Qantas.
The passengers, of course, gave their names in case any of their friends did not know that they already had their Apple watches.This sounds like yet another reason -amongst dozens-not to own an Apple watch.
But talking of watches I have just had my very faithful watch serviced by the factory and it came back yesterday with a new and disappointing face and the service cost me more than an Apple watch! More on my loss of face another day.

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