11 May 2015

Myanmar in a flash

Time for time out from motor sport photos with a complete change of pace and scene.
I recently came across this photo I took in Myanmar. I had overlooked this gem amongst the many I took there.It was taken with the Leica X1.

I hardly ever use flash in my photography but this was such a contrasty scene with the dark faces in the shadow and the very bright sun on the stonework of the temple that no amount of exposure juggling was going to give me a usable photo. So I used the very small built in flash unit on the X1 to give me fill in light on the mother and son. The X1 flash has a very low output and even after using it the faces were still very dark so I have had to do some work in Lightroom to bring them up.

The small smudge of powder above the child's eye is the remains of an application of wood "dust" which is used as a sunscreen and a cosmetic.

I've found a few more overlooked gems from Myanmar as well as this one and I will put them up in the coming weeks.

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