25 May 2015

Early morning light

Two photos taken at dawn on the outskirts of Mandalay in Myanmar.I was an unusual sight for the locals-a westerner out so early with a camera in his hand.
For me it's a no brainer.It's the best time of the day to be out and taking photos. The light is soft.It is very quiet.The monks are scurrying off with their alms tins to prayer and a few men are wrapped up standing in the middle of the road having a quiet chat.I can almost smell the smoke from the wood fires.

More early morning photos from Myanmar-firstly a local market in full swing and the soft,golden light coming from the side gives highlighted edges to objects and people and transforms what would otherwise be an ordinary scene.Secondly a herdsman moving his animals along a dusty track.I was lurking in the trees feeling very conspicuous and waiting for the herd to get in the right position.

And in total contrast on the other side of the world in the old part of Salzburg in Austria -another early morning shot.
All photos Leica X1.

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