5 Apr 2015

The Easter Show

Last Sunday we went to the Sydney Easter Show with the whole family incl four grandchildren.The Easter Show is an agricultural show and it is HUGE.It claims to be the biggest agricultural show in the world.Over two weeks over 14000 animals are exhibited and judged-from kittens to prize bulls.
There are various arenas incl a woodchopping arena,a big funfair,buildings full of animals and their carers,display halls full of exhibitors and dozens of food stalls-even a few stalls selling food which is healthy.It is impossible to see the whole show in one day.We spent seven hours walking in the heat and it was exhausting.
I took my X1 but had few opportunities to use it-I had other priorities.Most of the photos I did manage to take are below.They give a small glimpse of a really great event-where the city meets the country.

Cat judging

Who's a pretty girl?

I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK.....

Country boy
Shampoo and set
All bull

Country boy 2

Beauty salon

It's a cake-no bull

 Australian cake

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