27 Apr 2015

Special shoe cream

 I came across this Leica Co van in Tokyo in a pedestrian street in the area where by total coincidence there are/were many small camera shops. My first thought was that it was a Leica camera delivery van but that seemed implausible.Then I saw the side. It delivered Leica Shoe Cream to shoe shops.In fact it was standing outside a shoe shop. For the Leica owner who has everything-Leica branded shoe cream. Nikon,Canon and Sony owners eat your hearts out.

Just after I saw this I witnessed a motorcycle courier rider knocked off his bike by a van which pulled out without the driver checking his mirrors. The injured rider lay on the road and a crowd gathered round him. He was conscious but very groggy but then a couple of the bystanders decided to lift him up like a sack of potatoes -or should that be a sack of rice-and carry him to the pavement (sidewalk) so as the traffic could pass. You can't have injured people lying around in the road blocking the traffic in a well ordered society can you?
I intervened very swiftly before they had a chance to lift him and pushed them aside screaming at them in English to let go of his arms and legs.The "helpers" obviously thought I was demented but the injured man could have had a broken neck or spinal injuries or whatever. Luckily for me an ambulance then arrived -in an amazingly short time -and the paramedics took over.The bystanders were still in shock at this mad old westerner who had screamed at them. An odd experience. When I did a First Aid course years before I never expected to be using the knowledge on a street in Tokyo.

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