16 Apr 2015

More than just wires

I have a nephew, James ,who is in a senior position at one of the world's leading motor racing systems companies based in Norfolk UK.He goes to motor racing all over the world.Lucky man.Motor racing must be in the family genes.Anyway on his Instagram account I found two photos which fascinated me.The first shows part of a F1 main chassis wiring loom 20 hours into a 170 hour build.Every wire is identified by the technician so they know the destination connector and contact.When it is done this loom will be millimetre perfect to fit the F1 chassis.
Now I don't have any time for the politics and spectacle of current F1 but I do appreciate the technology and this is an example of something I had not even thought about-how they connect all the complex systems on a current F1 car.It also gives an insight into why F1 is costing so much .

The second photo shows the beginnings of an Indy Car engine wiring harness.Look at those connectors.This is aerospace technolgy and a long way from the very basic and crumbling wiring harness and ancient connectors in my 1971 2.2 Porsche 911.It also makes me think about the state of wiring on many of the old planes still in service around the world.I remember getting onboard an American Airlines DC9 about ten years ago and seeing a plate in the door aperture showing that it had been built 35 years before.Best not to think about the state of the wiring on that one.

As well as being interesting technically these are actually good photos.Thanks James

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