15 Apr 2015

Another oaf

If Formula one racing was not in enough trouble already - with tedious boring races dominated by one team-falling TV audiences-race promoters unable to afford the F1 race fee -some of the small race teams on the brink of bankrupcy- and Bernie Ecclestone the F1 supremo offending people left ,right and centre-it now has its own sexist oaf-a man apparently in the mould of Jeremy Clarkson-Lewis Hamilton- who has used the victory champagne as a weapon to spray the poor podium girls at three successive grand prix.
Apparently social media is alight with Hamilton's critics and defenders.To me it seems an open and shut case.The man is behaving like an oaf.Look at the photos below and decide for yourself whether the poor woman is being assaulted by Hamilton.
Time to grow up and apologise Lewis.You are a disgrace.I am surprised that Mercedes have not stepped in as in my experience German companies are usually very correct about their employees public behaviour.


  1. I'm with you on this one, John.

    Mind you, a man(?) who brings his dad along to races to lurk about his pit looking shifty wouldn't get my vote anyway.

    Perhaps he was there to check sonny's cocoa was the correct temperature?

  2. Nice one John , I have disliked the man,sorry spoiled brat ever since he came on the F1 seen, time he grow up, one day he will do some thing to some one and the that some one will bury him.

  3. She actually doesn't seem to be enjoying it but disturbingly he doesn't seem to notice.