10 Mar 2015

The long,long winter

It's been a long,cold winter in the US and Canada and it seems it still isn't over yet.
A video taken on an iPhone from the flight deck of a Qantas 747 landing at JFK New York Thursday last week.Forwarded to me by David Nicholls,who was sitting in the rh front seat.

"One of the Cabin Crew was in the jump seat, he took the pictures with his iPhone.
The cloud base was 800ft, light snow was falling and the temp was 4C.
When we left LA, we were prepared for a diversion to Pittsburg if we couldn't land in NY, so we had plenty of fuel. When weather conditions are better in NY, the Air Traffic Controllers are quite frantic, and become impatient with aircraft who don't immediately follow their instructions. It is one of the busiest airports in the world. But when we arrived on Thursday afternoon, it was quite the opposite, many flights had been cancelled because of the bad weather, and we were almost on our own. "Good afternoon Qantas, turn right onto 220, pilot discretion descend to 5000" And "Thanks Qantas, have a nice day".  
We don't normally see everything covered in snow and ice when we come out of the cloud at low level, but the whole approach and landing procedure was quite normal."

Thanks David sharing for an interesting story and video.I am sure that the passengers appreciated landing in NY rather than Pittsburg.

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