7 Mar 2015


 The current Corvette is a great looking car.I particularly like it in red or yellow.I saw a couple in both colours on the roads in Hawaii.I also saw this one with a carbon fibre look vinyl wrap.The number plate sums up the owner's philosophy.It's not to my personal taste but it is very well done.
I am amazed how well the vinyl wraps go on.When I was competing with my cars in hillclimbs and sprints I used to drive them to the events and affix the vinyl competition numbers in the paddock.I really struggled to get rid of the air bubbles from the numbers using a credit card as a straight edge.
Not a sign of an air bubble on 12ENV.The wrap looks like the real bodywork.
The strange swirling effect on top of the wings is on the photo not the car and is called a moire effect.Photographic trivia.
At the other end of the spectrum I was surprised by how many of the latest Fiat 500s there are on the roads in Hawaii.They are being sold by Chrysler- Jeep dealers.How things have changed.

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