5 Feb 2015

Winter in America is cold--very cold

Scott Ferrier ex-pat Aussie working at Ford HQ in Dearborn sent me this photo of his trying to get to work after the snowstorm last Monday.
Scott -you are welcome to it. I hope that they are paying you well.Very well.

A few years ago I was on business in Milwaukee with an Australian colleague in January and we decided to walk from our hotel to a restaurant which as just 20 mins walk away for dinner.We were well dressed for the conditions-or so we thought-but nothing could have prepared us for the wind coming off Lake Michigan.We were only a couple of blocks from the hotel when we had to go into Borders-which was still open into the evening.It was full of homeless people apparently taking a keen interest in magazines such as "Model Railroad Constructor" and "Advanced Quilting".After we had warmed up we headed for the restaurant and made it without getting frostbite.We took a taxi back .We subsequently found out that with the windchill the temp was minus 24ºC that night.
I refused to visit Milwaukee on business in the winter again but my daughter and her family lived in Montreal for 5 years and I did visit her in winter once and after that decided that winter visits there were also off the agenda.

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