20 Feb 2015

Night and Day

The ceramic disc rotors on the Erebus Motorsport Mercedes SLK glowing in the dark as the car brakes at the end of Conrod Straight in the opening laps of the Bathurst 12 hour race.This was taken on the Sony a7 at 1/400th second at 6400 ISO with the Hasselblad 150mm Zeiss lens.I probably should have bumped the ISO upto 12800 and used 1/1000th second and it would be sharper.
At the start of the race at 5.50 the temperature at Bathurst had barely reached double figures but as soon as the sun came over the horizon it started to warm up and if you were not wearing a hat by 10.00am you were a serious candidate for sunstroke.These guys-below- photographed in the paddock were doing the sensible thing.
Midway through the race Matt Bell driving one of the Bentleys became dehydrated and suffered a lapse of concentration at the top of the mountain but made it back to the pits for a driver change and they rehydrated him and amazingly he recovered and was leading the race upto the final two laps and finished fourth.

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