27 Feb 2015

My Postcards from Hawaii

After the hectic Bathurst race weekend- see previous stories- it was onto an Hawaiian Airlines A330 three days later and off to Hawaii for two weeks.This was my first proper visit to Hawaii.My previous visits had been confined to the transit lounge of Honolulu Airport as prior to the introduction of the Boeing 747 400 in 1988 trans Pacific flights had to call into Honolulu to refuel.
I only managed to visit two islands on the trip O'ahu-the most populated island where Honolulu is located and Maui.I was underwhelmed and disappointed.Maybe my expectations were unrealistic.I do understand that some of the other islands are pristine and largely unspoilt but O'ahu and Maui are perfect examples of paradise lost.Overdeveloped, overcrowded and overpriced.And seriously oversold.Huge,ugly beachside resorts built right upto the high water mark.Pretty towns spoilt by strip malls,fast food outlets and specialist outlet malls.Badly neglected public infrastructure.Roads jammed with rental cars and tourists buses.I won't labour the point and I am usually so enthusaistic about my travels but Hawaii just did not float my boat at all.The box is ticked and in this case General MacArthur's famous words-"I shall return"- do not apply.
However I did manage to take some photos which I have called My Postcards from Hawaii.Here's the first of them.
All taken in my usual manner -Leica X1 carried in my hand with strap wrapped round my wrist.Just the fixed lens.No decisions about gear.Just  looking out for photographs.

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