14 Feb 2015

More photos from the Mountain

More photos from the Bathurst 12 hour race.
 I used a Sony a7 with three lenses.Firstly -a Canon EOS 20-35mm zoom.This is an old lens but it is a beauty.I used it on the Sony with a Metabones adaptor which gives me slow autofocus and automatic aperture control.The wide angle shot below of the Audi climbing out of the cutting was taken with this lens at 20mm.
The second lens was a Zeiss Sonnar F 2.8 90mm.A beautiful Contax mount lens I used with a Fotodiox adapter and focussed and set the aperture manually.All the pit shots were taken with this lens.It is sharp but I did find focussing difficult even with the Sony's manual focus assist.
Finally I used my 150mm Hasselblad mount 150mm F4 Zeiss Sonnar for all the action shots except for the wide angle shots .This was also mounted on the Sony with a Fotodiox adapter.The Hasselblad lens is very sharp and fast but it is very heavy and it is also all manual.The whole outfit-camera and three lenses was pretty heavy and I found changing lenses in the dusty conditions difficult
There were spectators loaded with good gear at the race and already lots of great shots have been put up on the internet.I am pleased with my efforts particularly the night shots which show the capabilities of the Sony in low light but at my stage in life I am not sure that the effort/reward ratio is right so next year I may well be back to my minimal gear philosphy and I will leave the action shots to fitter and younger people with lighter gear.

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  1. Well, I've tried twice to post a comment but think I failed both times because I typed in the wrong password to log in. Anyhow, these are some excellent pictures made with some excellent glass. I take it you have warmed some to the Sony.