6 Jan 2015

"Winter in America is cold..."

Sitting at the computer on a very hot and humid day it's difficult to envisage bitter cold but having travelled to Chicago,Montreal and Milwaukee in the depths of winter over the years I have great sympathy for people who have to live there and put up with the winters.One such person is Aussie Scott Ferrier who is a Rolling Road reader and a designer in Ford's Product Design Centre in Dearborn.Michigan and he likes his Porsches.I just recently received an email from him as follows-

"Porsche driving is a bit different over here now ,as most of the cars are now hibernating due to the lower temperatures and salt on the roads.

Because my car is not a garage queen and has led a hard life – I am still using it until the real snow comes !  I had to rotate my company car last week and now have the new Mustang to keep the 944 company in the garage.

It’s amazing how much smaller the 944 is than the Mustang as you can see in the image.Sorry about the nose on my 944, it had a bad case of track rash which I hated so I filled all the stone chips but ran out of time before the temperature fell below the level for painting in the garage.

I resisted the temptation to get the full on 5.0 Mustang and instead went with my head and ordered the 4 cylinder turbo which is very similar to the 944 turbo I am told by someone who has driven both vehicles, I swapped my turbo for the 5.0 yesterday and was surprised at the difference – the 5.0 is an all American muscle car whereas the 4 cylinder is much more European in feel.

Next year I will be more active in the Porsche community and will post some more images of some of the members collections……. Some of which have 15 Porsches in their various garages.

I will take my trusty Olympus SLR to Cars’ Coffee and get some detailed shots of the mega money cars that turn up when the sun is shining rather than the smartphone snaps that are so convenient."

The first photo shows the 944 with the 2.3 V4 Turbo Mustang.
The second photo was taken at Scott's local cars and coffee meet.There are no details of this longnose but it really does look very well done.
In the final photo the car is wearing an unusual paint job.It's not a colour many would choose for a Porsche and the front end of the car in that colour does remind me of a Triumph TR7-not a compliment.The TR7 and the Triumph Spitfire were both offered in that brown.
I once had a company Triumph Stag in a darker shade of brown.It was actually a very fun and reliable car and I just overlooked the colour.You do that with company cars.

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