14 Jan 2015

The jacket

 A vintage,and still regularly used,motorcycle jacket I spotted hanging in my neighbour's garage a few days ago.I had my camera with me and grabbed this quick shot.
I have posted this for a frustrated photographer I know, Stefan,-a Leica X1 owner who laments that he cannot find anything to photograph.
Leica X Vario photo.


  1. A fscinating photo - and nice to see someone using an X-Vario !

  2. The X Vario is a brilliant camera.It is beautifully made and it feels great to handle and use and the lens is truly a masterpiece.It suffered fom a very bad launch and much of the blame for that must be borne by Leica who had a very poor launch campaign-probably the work of an external agency.After the bad launch the internet nasties,trolls and gear obsessed idiots took it upon themselves to totally denigrate the camera before it was even available for sale.
    For me the biggest problem with the X Vario is its weight and size.It is heavy and it is big compared to the X1 and the EVF is obtrusive stuck on top of the camera.I am very lucky to have a choice of cameras.