9 Jan 2015

Smile time

After the appalling barbarity of this week I thought that a couple of amusing photos would not go amiss.
Firstly a couple of lorikeets at a table at the Surf Cafe at Terrigal early this morning.They have learnt that sugar comes on the black packets left on the tables and they certainly like some sugar.Diabetics in the making.As you can see they take the packet out of the holder with their beaks then put it on the table and then hold the packet with one claw and tear it open with their beaks.This is a big crop from a Leica X1 photo as I could not risk frightening them off if I got any closer.Whilst it is an amusing scene they are actually a real nuisance at local cafes as they are really brazen and not easily deterred.

Secondly garden gnomes for the risque garden.His and her flasher gnomes.Certainly not your common or garden garden gnomes.Seen on a roadside stall in the Czech Republic.Canon G7 photo.

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