12 Jan 2015

Bathurst 12 hour race

I'm planning to go to the Bathurst 12 hour GT race at Mt Panorama Bathurst on Sunday 8th February.It will be the first modern motor race I have been to since the Le Mans 24 hours in 2011.I don't do the Aussie F1 GP nowadays and I definitely don't do V8 Supercars.
My only concern is that it will be scorching hot.I am getting too old to stand on the side of a mountain for 12 hours in heatstroke conditions which it was last year.
The entry list for this year's race is looking good.See ENTRY LIST
It will be worth going just to see the Bentleys hurtling around Mt Panorama.
In my opinion there are only 6 classic motor race circuits left-the Nurburgring Nordschleife,Monza,Indianapolis,Spa,Le Mans and Bathurst Mount Panorama.I don't include Monaco because really it is a silly circuit really totally unsuitable for racing.If it wasn't in Monaco it would not be considered suitable for racing.

Some photos from my archives of glorious Bathurst.Firstly John Goss on his way to winning the 1985 Bathurst 1000km touring car race in a TWR Jaguar XJS.Photo taken at the top of the mountain.
The rest of the photos are from the Festival of Motor Sport held at Easter on Mount Panorama a few years ago.These photos give a good idea of the nature of the circuit.
I am planning to try and do some serious motor racing action photography at the 12 hours with some serious gear.This will be a bit of a turnaround for me.More details later.

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