19 Jan 2015

And still they turn up

The February edition of UK Octane magazine carries a story about what they are calling the barn find of the century-90 incredible cars found at a French chateau:Ferrari,Maserati,Bugatti,Facel Vega and more.
The Ferrari is a very valuable 250 California Spyder.Most of the cars are very dilapidated as they were stored in open sheds and barns but the Ferrari was protected in a garage under enormous piles of car magazines.The photographs of the collection in Octane are superb-well worth grabbing a copy of the magazine for.
Most of the collection is being auctioned in Paris on 6th February.You can find details of the auction with some of the Octane photos of the cars on

You would think that by now every barn,chateau,shed and outhouse had been searched but still long forgotten cars keep turning up.

The Porsche 356 in the photos below had been missing for about 40 years until found in Maitland NSW recently.
It's the last 356 T1 made and was built in September 1957.It was the second ever Porsche sent to New Zealand and now it is on its way back  there to undergo a complete restoration in the hands of its new NZ owner-a 356 expert.
It had been disassembled by the most recent owner who had abandoned the restoration.Prior to that it had lain stored somewhere in Newcastle NSW for 30 years.
Many restorations are abandoned.I personally know of a couple of cars which have been restorations of abandoned restorations.Owners start on a restoration full of enthusiasm but circumstances change,they lose heart or they run out of money and the car remains just a sad pile of parts.
I am told that this 356 is complete and all the hard to find parts-ashtrays and pieces of trim etc are still with the car.That's so important.
The first part of the car's return to NZ started last weekend when 356 guru David Nicholls,who took the photos,was part of the rescue team who manhandled the car onto the trailer on a very hot day.

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  1. That's going to be a cracker in a couple of years (and lots of dosh).