3 Dec 2014

Tasman Revival Meeting 2014- Part 2

This is the second batch of photos from last Sunday's historic race meeting at Sydney Motorsport Park.For me the appeal of historic racing is that I identify with the cars and I can access the pits and paddock area to soak up the atmosphere and photograph the cars and the people up close and personal-something you just cannot do in top level motor sport nowadays.I like racing cars to have spaceframe chassis,engines you can see and fitted with carburetors or early fuel injection,steering wheels without buttons and lights,simple dashboards and gears shifted by the driver using a lever.Modern racing cars are technological marvels but to me they lack the appeal of the cars of the earlier eras.
I used to have the gear to shoot track action photos but it is long gone and anyway nowadays I much prefer to shoot atmospheric behind the scenes shots.Again all photos taken with the Leica X Vario.

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