1 Dec 2014

Tasman Revival Meeting 2014 -Part 1

I took the 2.7 911 down to Sydney Motor Sport Park (formerly Eastern Creek Raceway ) yesterday to go to the HSRCA Tasman Revival Race Meeting.In 2006,2008 and 2010 the NSW based HSRCA tried really hard to promote a big international historic race meeting-the Tasman Revival -in November at SMP to rival the very succesful March historic meeting at Phillip Island in Victoria.
I cannot fault their efforts but sadly they failed to attract the crowds and the format lost the club a lot of money. So this year's Tasman Revival Meeting was a very low key affair.There were plenty of competitors and some great racing but no publicity and promotion and hence barely any spectators.The stars were a good field of Formula 5000 cars-all of which were beautifully prepared and which make a gorgeous sound.The hot bed of enthusiasm for Formula 5000 is New Zealand which despite being a very small country (population only 4.5m spread over two islands) has a very enthusiastic motor sport scene and quite a few race circuits.

The fact that it was another scorching hot day did not help the spectator numbers either.Again I took the 2.7 because it has aircon.By early afternoon a big electric storm was rolling in so I took off before the rain came down and managed to beat the storm back to the Central Coast.

I took more photos than usual and had a higher hit rate than usual so I have split the photos from the day into three batches which I will post succesively.All the photos were taken with the Leica X Vario.The image quality from the XV is just extraordinary.The photo of the two Porsches on the main straight is very small part of the image as the XV only has a 70mm equiv max zoom.Most of the photos are jpegs straight from the camera.

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