16 Dec 2014


I'm not a dog person but I would make an exception for this one seen yesterday at the town called The Entrance on the Central Coast-it's actually called The Entrance because it is where a big coastal lake flows into the sea.
I first spotted him being lifted out of a back of an SUV in the car park and then later I saw him rubbing noses with his owner outside a cafe so I went up to ask if I could photograph them.Sadly the light was all wrong-very harsh and bright and from the wrong direction but having a chat with the owner revealed that Chester is a retired guide dog although he is only 5 years old.Apparently his blind handler had sadly died a year ago and the Guide Dogs organisation had taken Chester back but had decided for some reason that he should be early retired as a guide dog so here he was with a new owner.
Yesterday morning he had been playing in the surf for some time and was looking forward to sharing a kebab with his owner-a regular ritual.He had the most gentle temperament.If only more dogs were like Chester.
Not great photos but I felt that Chester was worth a mention and a couple of photos regardless.Leica X1 photos

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